Beauty Buzz guru and make up artist Anthony Adams shares his step-by-step guide to creating the perfect foundation, using our blogger, Kiera, to model the steps! Flawless skin is just a short read away…

This week I am offering you a few steps to not only choose your foundation, but also how to apply it perfectly.

When buying a new foundation – or even your first – it can be a daunting experience. The stores are a smorgasbord of choices, and the prices and number of brands out there can create a confusing experience.

When approaching the stores, first be clear about your direction: do some research about brands and prices, and also go with knowledge about your skin type.

There are five different types:

Normal – Your skin is supple, even and normally you have friends who envy you for your skin.
Dry – This type of skin can be prone to dryness, flakiness and can feel tight.
Oily – Oily skin can be a real problem for some people; it can be prone to acne, shininess, large pores and can appear coarse and thick.
Combination – This type of skin is probably the most common. It normally has both dry and oily patches. The T-zone area is normally the most shiny.
Sensitive – Sensitive skin is often the most fragile and problematic. It can be prone to dryness, itchiness, tightness, and often becomes irritated or inflamed easily.

So once you have this information together, you can hit the stores with a little more confidence. If you’re not one to be bothered with the beauty consultant at most makeup counters, you can go it alone with these few tips.

When you have found the right foundation for your skin type, coverage and budget, next grab at least three grades of colours which are there to choose from, closest to your skin. A good way to choose the colour is to match it to your shoulder, simply turn your face towards your shoulder (it helps if you’re wearing a sleeveless top). Then simply grab the three and apply just a small dab on the lower part of your face, towards the chin.

Now try to find some natural light, and see which one disappears into the skin: THAT is your colour. Once you have your colour, you will also need a good concealer and powder to finish your face. If you’re a more mature woman, try avoiding powder, as this will fall into wrinkles and make your face look too matte, when ‘fresh’ is the way to go to look youthful.

With the concealer, you want to choose something that is close to one to two shades lighter than your foundation. This way you will achieve a more illuminated look around the eyes.

When applying your foundation, always ensure you have a fresh, clean face prior. To get your skin in tip top shape, it is good to use an exfoliator every few weeks, and also make a rule of cleansing and moisturising daily.

There are several ways to apply your foundation: sponges, brushes, fiber optic brushes and your hands. I am a firm believer in using whatever you feel you get the best result from. As a makeup artist, my personal choice is using the fiber optic brush, and then using my hands to warm the foundation and set it into the skin.

One huge tip I would like to offer is that your tools are the secret to amazing finishes. That is why makeup artists look like professional painters with all our brushes and tools. If your budget allows it, look for good quality brushes; this way you will always be happy with what you create.

Apply your foundation evenly by starting from the centre of the face outwards into the hair line, and also down along the chin and neck; never stop at the chin!

Next grab your concealer and apply it under the eyes, and also on any spots or blemishes you may have. I normally dot it on, then give it a few seconds to warm up from the skin, then use my finger or a fine concealer brush to push it into the skin. Concealer is always better to use after; then you will not be wiping it off while applying your foundation.Then use a powder brush, or a powder puff, to finish your foundation, this will not only set the makeup, but also give it longevity.

When you have done this, you can then finish your face by creating beautiful eyebrows, applying your eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. The look we have gone for here is something light, fresh and natural.

There are a million tips and ideas I could suggest and give you while working on a natural face, such as highlighting, contouring and illuminating while also using other products such as bronzer, blushes and lipsticks. So stay tuned for future articles where we will endeavour to give you ALL the tips and trade secrets.

Our before and after!

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– Ant xx

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