Menswear label morning theft. is making waves in the Adelaide fashion scene. Inspired by natural environments, earthy elements and his own personal style, designer Tom Guerin’s third Spring/Summer collection for morning theft. contains wardrobe staples for men who love a mixture of pieces that are casual, comfortable, rugged and fun. Fashion writer Claire Robinson caught up with Guerin to chat about the exciting new collection, ‘may the green in your eyes say go’.

Firstly, we love the new collection! How did may the green in your eyes say go come about?
Like all morning theft. collections, may the green in your eyes say go is just a snapshot of this time of my life. It reflects the natural environment and its colours; something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Environmental issues are very close to me right now, and I feel the collection represents tones and the mix of colours we are so lucky to have in our natural world.

What’s the idea behind the collection name?

The collection name comes from my belief in the theory that if you see something and you like it, you should go for it – and you find every reason to get it.

This is your third Spring/ Summer collection. What was the process behind this one?
Similar to all processes; there was not too much thought behind it. Materials are found, and if I like them, they are used – the designs stem from there. It’s a short process, very natural. I never think too hard about it;  just let it happen. I always feel the individual pieces come together to make what appears to be well thought out outfits. The truth is, outfits for the photoshoot or lookbook are not even thought about until the day of the shoot.

Do you have a favourite piece?

I have a couple of one offs, the A’carolin’ Jacket and singlet really stand out to me. They’re special, as they are very different. I also love the symphony wool blazer; the subtle leather detailing adds so much. The fit and feel make it a unique piece.

What kind of man does morning theft. keep in mind for its demographic through this collection in particular?

morning theft. can be quite selfish; the clothes are simply for me. If others enjoy them, that’s fantastic… but if not, that’s fine too. I represent the casual dude who’s just out for a good time. I want to have fun in comfort, look nice and neat at times, but also look trashy and rugged. I like plain pieces, but also have a fascination with items that are unique and stand out.

What’s on the agenda for morning theft. for the year ahead?

Just keep on keeping on, no rush. I’m a full time teacher, so morning theft. is very much a fun project for me. I believe in it. Bigger and better things will happen, but I’m more than happy to wait.

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