Well, it is the end of another Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, and what a week it was!

Not only did we see some designers step right out of the box with their designs, but we also saw some creative trends in the hair and makeup department.

As I predicted, the natural flawless look was huge this year, with many designers favouring the look. It not only works well on the catwalk to bring out the natural beauty of the models, but it also lays focus on the clothes themselves.


Another great look during the week was bold colourful eyebrows, as seen at Easton Pearson. Not only was this a signature look for them, but it was done in a way which was stylish and creative by matching the models’ hair colour with their brows, in effortlessly sophisticated styles.


It was great to see a little ‘out there’ creativity this year, I have been getting very bored of late, so to see something different was a thrill for me as a makeup artist. We even got to see some tribal like face painting from Desert Designs.


Phoenix Keating‘s installation delivered an over the top gothic look with statement dark eyes, and crimson red lips. It was matched with simple updos, which gave the look a tailored, edgy finish. Now, this look isn’t going to suit every woman, nor is it meant for everyday wear, but this is what these parades are all about: evoking passion for fashion, makeup and hair too inspire you to try different things and to not have fear! Why not take some of the inspiration and use it in your own way, to the level you’re comfortable with?


Lips are still a big focal point this season, with all different hues being used. It looks like woman has embraced their lippy’s again! Once upon a time almost 1,500 tubes of lipstick were sold in the United States every minute and it looks like we’re on track for a continued resurgence in lipstick sales.

All in all, there were some beautiful uses of colour and creativity this year, but my favourite look was the flawless, effortless makeup widely seen on the MBFWA runways.

What did you think of this year’s trends? Was there anything you wanted to ask or know about them? Any other beauty related questions? Then don’t hesitate to write to me at [email protected].

I am off to Bali, so stay well until I return and enjoy!

xx Ant 

Pictures: Jesse Mullins Photography/ theurbansilhouette.com