It’s easy to make mistakes when applying makeup if you’ve never been shown how. In this week’s Beauty Buzz column, makeup artist Anthony Adams reveals the top makeup mistakes that many women make and shares his tips for achieving a flawless face.

As a professional makeup artist, I have trained and studied my craft for years. It’s my passion and I adore painting and being creative.

Many women have had to pick up the brushes and start applying with no experience. A lot of ladies tell me they were never shown how to apply makeup by their own mothers.

This can lead to some big mistakes in makeup. Learning the right way will not only change your application techniques, but have you looking the best you ever have in minutes!

So, here are my top seven makeup mistakes:

1. Choosing the wrong tone foundation: This is a huge and prominent mistake that many women make. When choosing your foundation, ensure you choose one that is suitable for your skin and know what sort of look you want to achieve. Go to a makeup counter and ask for advice, then test three shades near your chin/cheek area. The colour you want is the one that disappears into the skin. A great tip is to match your tone to your shoulder as the décolletage area is often exposed to a lot more sun.


2. Forgetting eyebrows: Eyebrow shaping is important for most people. Your brows frame your face and simply shaping them correctly can give you a whole new look in minutes. To fill and define your eyebrows try using a brow pencil or powder with a brush and use small, hair-like strokes to mimic your brows.

3. Neglecting your skin: Your skin is your canvas, so ensure that it is in top condition and then you won’t need as much makeup.

4. Using dirty makeup tools: So often I see brushes that have either rarely been cleaned, or haven’t been cleaned at all. This can lead to poor application, colour transferral and bacteria. Make sure you wash your tools regularly, including things like your eyelash curler and other tools where you have a build up of product on them.

5. Not knowing how to apply: If you have never been shown how to apply makeup, then I’m going to assume you need to learn. Go to your nearest makeup school or enquire with makeup artists to see how much they will charge to train you. This knowledge will be valuable for the rest of your life.

6. Bronzer gone wrong: Fake tans and bronzers are made to enhance our skin tone, NOT to make it look unnatural and unflattering.

7. No blush: I’ve spoken to many women who say they don’t use blush. Adding blush is a quick and simple way to make you look more alive, and will give you a more defined cheekbone. It also completes your look when you’re wearing a full face of makeup. Even just a touch of colour will liven your face.

Being that seven is my favourite number, I will leave it at that. Remember to go out and discover what makeup can do for you. Makeup is a magical tool that will help you put your best face forward. There is no need to be afraid of it, it’s not a tattoo, it will always wash off.

And don’t forget, if you have any questions or need makeup advice, contact me at [email protected]

Until next time, enjoy!

xx Ant