I was thrilled to be asked recently to participate as the creative director for makeup at tonight’s September Collection parade at the Loft wine bar in Adelaide.

Tonight’s show will see four of Adelaide’s best young emerging fashion designers – Greta Rumsby of GretaKate, Ben Conroy of Revolution the Label, Chelsea Templeton of Chelsea Eve and Nikeisha Coulter of Tanouk showcase their Spring/ Summer collections. Proceeds from the event will support The Royal Society for the Blind.

I chatted with event organiser Ben Conroy about the inspiration behind Revolution the Label’s debut collection. Conroy explained the range is about aesthetically pleasing basics with a neo-grunge edge, but altered with an urban cult tone.

The basics mark the beginning. The story being told has much more to come; think music revolutionists like The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Inspired by the French Revolution, this collection is for the people.

The makeup look that Conroy and I created for tonight’s September Collection show is based around this idea of revolution, as if the world has ended and begun again. I wanted the look to be fierce, giving it an almost cult-like feel.

Since the collection is made up of basics, Conroy wanted the makeup to be simple, yet big and bold.

I love eyes popping on the catwalk, so with the whole strip of black across the eyes, they are bound to make a statement. Statement is what Ben was looking for. It’s almost a war paint look really; it’s about causing a revolution, action, and a take over.

So some tips on creating an individual look at home for yourself! Here are my suggestions for getting the balance right between every day wear and catwalk.

Tip 1: Make the eyes bold and dark

black eye shadowFor the parade we are using a black bold stripe across the eye area. You can create your own version by adding a dark to black shadow across the whole lid of the eye, blended well. While doing this, don’t forget to add dark eyeliner to both the top and bottom lash line. You can then add several layers of mascara to really finish the look.

Tip 2: Be Dewy

dewy makeup

Another thing about our look is clean, crisp and dewy skin. You can achieve this by using a foundation that is best suited to you (try avoiding matte ones!) Ensure that your skin is well cleaned and moisturised beforehand.

Tip 3: Bold Lips!

plum lipstick
We are using a plum-based colour on the lips at tonight’s parade. While trying this at home, ensure you have chosen a tone that suits your skin, then apply with an edged brush so you can create a brilliant sharp line. You can also use a lip pencil or foundation on a cotton bud to clean the edges up after application.

Don’t be afraid to go bold! So many of us stay in the safe zone, and life is all about living, so why not try something new, creative and fun!?

I look forward to seeing many of you at tonight’s parade!

Until next time, if you have any beauty questions don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected]

xx Ant