This season’s latest trend may find you raiding a wardrobe you never thought likely: your grandpa’s!

Yep, grandpa sandals are the hottest footwear trend right now, much to the relief of the secret creatures of comfort in our midst, who are looking to ditch the heels this Summer.

The Birkenstock sandals made famous in the ’90s in an editorial shoot featuring Kate Moss have made a comeback in another editorial shoot, only on a different pair of trademark pins – Miranda Kerr’s.

The home-grown beauty makes the chunky Birkenstock sandals look elegant, edgy and eclectic.

We’re already seeing other A-listers like Alexa Chung and Ashley Olsen sporting the look, releasing their inner grandpa. At last comfort is a must and no rolled ankles is a given! We could definitely get on board with this trend.

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