I should start by saying that I am a big fan of Father Christmas, but sometimes I struggle with his colour choices… Red and green aren’t the easiest hues for people to pull off (unless you’re Taylor Swift who rocks red year round, or the Grinch who obviously has green under control.)

Although my last post called for white dresses on Christmas Day in lieu of snow, it’s also a great time to experiment with bright colours, starting with your decorations. After all, the Australian Summer lends itself to ornaments as blazing as the sun outside.

I’ve written a list (and checked it twice) of fluoro options to brighten up your December decor.

1. Trees

2. Baubles

3. Christmas Crackers

4. Wrapping paper

5. String and ribbon

6. Candles

In my annual search for DIY tree ideas, my true love (the internet) gave to me… bright baubles on a stick tree! Raid your local parklands for fallen twigs or branches, arrange them in a sturdy vase, and decorate away. Last year I scattered silver baubles, but I couldn’t resist fluoro for this festive season.


You can pick up these large or small baubles in pink, orange, yellow or green online via Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, or at Bauhaus on Rundle St in Adelaide. While you’re there, why not go all out and get the fluoro tree to match?

What do you have planned for Christmas? Share your decorating tips with us, below!

xx Matilda

Photos: Bauhaus Rundle Street Facebook, Glamour Magazine, Pedlars, Rock That Horse, The Fab Guide (fluoro), Matilda Conlon (baubles photos)