I just returned home from one of my annual trips down to Robe on the South East coast of South Australia. These Summer trips usually consist of swimming, fishing, surfing and shopping…yes, I said shopping. Robe is home to coastal clothing gem, Holiday Trading Co. Holiday is one of Australia’s up and coming coastal wear brands. You may have seen this brand slowly creeping into the metropolitan market in various boutiques around the city and suburbs.¬†Other like brands include Mist from Seminyak, Bali and Talisman, also from Robe.

Playful prints, flowing fabrics and cute trimmings are the three main features of coastal clothing.

If you’re ever in Robe, be sure to check out these great South Australian gems, or find their other stockists around Australia at www.holidaydesign.com.au.

Or if you’re in Seminyak, Bali, make sure you visit the Mist store. These relaxed and beautiful printed pieces are a must have this Summer!

xx Dem

Mist 10 Mist 9 Mist 8 Mist 7 Mist 6 Mist 5 Mist 4 Mist 3 Mist 2 Mist 1

Talisman 1Talisman 3 Talisman 4 Talisman 5 Holiday 1 Holiday 2 Holiday 3 Holiday 4
Images 1-9: Mist, Images 10-14: Talisman, Images 15-18: Holiday.