In today’s column makeup artist and Beauty Buzz columnist Anthony Adams tells how to recreate four of our favourite celebs’ trademark beauty looks.

This week I thought I would tell you how to recreate the looks of some of our biggest stars and supermodels.

There is always something about a star’s face we envy: great brows, defined, striking cheekbones or a full pouting mouth.

So take a read, and have a try at recreating the looks yourself.

Cara Delevingne – Eyebrows

Cara DelevingneCara is one of the hottest models in the world and she is known for her incredibly full dark brows. But like anyone’s brows, these have been tamed and filled in by a makeup artist.

Anyone who is adding foundation and then colour to the face really should follow up with doing their brows.

It is as easy as grabbing your favourite eyebrow pencil or powder, brushing them in an upward direction, then using the pencil or powder to mimic the small hairs and fill in the brows. Follow your natural brow shape and don’t go overboard. It is always best to just enhance the brow.

We love: Brow Zing by Benefit.

Angelina Jolie – Cheekbones

AngelinaAngelina Jolie is possibly the most beautiful woman in the world at the moment. Love her or hate her, she has a face that is pretty unforgettable.

Symmetrically her face is sublime, especially when it comes to her bone structure. Her cheekbones are so high and structured; they are the envy of many.

One of the biggest things we as makeup artists do – which makes a big difference to a makeup look – is contouring.  It is as easy as buying a cheek contour kit and these are widely available nowadays. You can also use similar things like bronzer and blush, if on a budget.

A contour kit contains two or more tones of powder in it to be used in certain areas of the cheeks. The darkest one is best used under the cheekbone.

Imagine a line going from the top of your ear to the corner of the mouth, using a blush or contour brush. Add a little swiping from the ear downwards towards the mouth.

Then using your next colour (or blush) add this to the apple of the cheek, then blend backwards working into the line you created under the cheekbone.

Finally, if your contour kit includes a light colour (normally white/pearl or another shimmery shade) add this to the top of the cheek, adding a light dusting to highlight the bone.

We love: Pro Sculpting Cream by MAC Cosmetics.


Emma Watson – Red Lips

Emma WatsonWhen Emma Watson wears a red lip the results are stunning. For some reason the colour makes her look mature and even more beautiful. I am a believer that there is a red out there for everyone; you just have to find it.

Start by preparing your lips with your foundation. This will give a great base colour to apply your lipstick. You can start by drawing a line around the edge of your lips with your favourite lip pencil.

If you don’t have a pencil, then I find the best way to apply a red lip to ensure you get great coverage and a dense colour is to apply it with your finger tip, pushing it up into the lip with a dabbing motion, rather than a swipe.

Another tip is to powder translucent powder over the top of your first coat and apply again. This will really ensure longevity of the lipstick.

We love: Rouge Allure in #104 Passion by Chanel.


Alexa Chung – Winged Eyeliner 

alexa chungNot only is she one of the world’s 50 Most Stylish Women according to Harpers Bazaar, but she is also an enviable beauty.  I adore the way Alexa Chung works winged eyeliner. It is a simple, classic, look which suits almost anyone.

A great way to do the perfect flick is to prep the lids beforehand. Then apply your liquid, pencil or cream eyeliner along the lash line as close as you can to the lashes.  When arriving at the end of the eye, flick towards the end of the eyebrow.

A really easy trick is to get some low stick tape, apply it following the line of the bottom part of the eye and going towards the brow. Then add your liner, applying it over the tape and the lash line of the top lid. Then, when dry, pull your tape away for a razor-edged wing.

We love: Effet Faux Cils Crème D’eyeliner by YSL Beauty.