Founded in 2009, Naomi Murrell’s namesake accessories label creates whimsical fine jewellery and illustrative works. 

What started with a series of graphic screen prints quickly morphed into wooden jewellery pieces and spawned an accessories line favoured by many South Australian women.

Now the Adelaide designer plans to move into apparel design – and you can help her to realise this dream.

Editor Lauren Zwaans took five with Murrell to discuss the Pozible campaign, her vision for apparel and appreciating the simple things in life.

Naomi MurrellTUS: You design largely fine jewellery, as well as illustrative works. Does your aesthetic reflect your personal style?
Murrell: Yes for sure! I believe that good design work is the result of being honest and trusting your creative instincts. It’s so much easier to be yourself and connect with others in a genuine way than it is to fake it. I’m all about being understated in an upbeat way. To me it’s most important to feel relaxed and happy, whatever the occasion.

Who is the Naomi Murrell girl?
She is thoughtful, creative, natural, friendly and worldly. She enjoys drinking tea, dancing under the stars and bicycle rides by the seaside. She appreciates simple things done well.

You’re in the final days of your Pozible campaign – a campaign to fund a move to expand into apparel design! Is this something you’ve been planning on for a while?Yes, absolutely. We’ve been seriously musing on how to introduce clothing for over a year now. It’s always been an area I’ve been in tune with and it’s the obvious partner product to jewellery, so it’s a natural progression for the brand. We’ve been working hard to establish our jewellery business over the past few years, patiently waiting for the right time to make our move into apparel. After building our label from scratch, we are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with our lovely customers as they help us write the next chapter in our story!

How would this money help you to achieve your dream?
The $10,000 raised will help fund the design, development and production of a Womenswear Capsule Collection for SS 14/15.

Costs will cover things like travel to Indonesia for sourcing, specialist pattern makers, development of prototypes, fabric and production.

Thanks to Creative Partnerships Australia, every dollar given to this campaign will be matched up to $4,000 through their Match: Crowdfunding for the Independent Arts Sector initiative. The extra $4,000 raised will help fund the promotion and marketing of our collection. We will be working with top notch Adelaide creatives, photographers and talent for this stage of the project. Costs include campaign photography, look book photography and a short fashion film.

Naomi MurrellWhat can we expect from you as an apparel designer?
Naomi Murrell apparel will sit hand in hand with the signature style our jewellery line is known for. Think relaxed, comfortable, natural fibres, twists of fun, pastel colour, polka dots, gingham and stripes. Ladylike. Modern. Feminine. Classic. Our clothes will be for chasing the sun in, for lazing in hammocks and drinking Pimm’s!

Tell us about the ethics behind your brand! How important is this aspect of production to you?
This aspect of production is very important to us. We are very selective about working only with high quality suppliers who value human rights and are committed to providing a safe and fair workplace for their staff. We believe this should be the norm for anyone producing products anywhere in the world.

Our jewellery supplier, for instance, is committed to upholding the 10 principles of Fair Trade as outlined by the WFTO. They operate with the basic philosophy that everyone who is involved with their business must benefit in some way, from the staff right through to the customer and the customer’s customers.

Going forward into clothing we hope to establish similar relationships with ethical manufacturers in the garment industry.

What are you currently working on?
I’ve recently finished designing all the jewellery for our new collection, Chase The Sun, and we’re waiting on samples to arrive. Today I’m working on the clothing design, and beginning to source suppliers – so there’s lots of drawing and thinking going on – and many cups of Chai from Kindling Coffee being consumed!

How does your workspace look at the moment? Is it a calm or chaotic environment?
Our little studio and shop at The Mill on Angas St is open to the public six days a week. With a large window facing the street and a minimal yet colourful modernist interior, the space takes cues from the set of Mad Men. We are a little hive of activity in here, usually working away to a folky playlist. The peaceful atmosphere helps me find my design zen and focus on bringing beautiful things to life!

Naomi Murrell’s Pozible campaign is in its final days. Visit her campaign page if you would like to help out.

Pictures: Pieces from Murrell’s current accessories collection