Georgia Zogopoulos is the girl behind Adelaide’s newest fashion blog, Nineteen Ninety. Her blog has been in the works for countless months but was finally launched this month!

Zogopoulos also has a dream job as Head of PR at Australian Fashion Labels, home to labels such as Cameo, Finders Keepers, Keepsake and The Fifth. It’s no wonder she has a wardrobe to envy!

Although she loves to showcase and support the labels she works with, she also loves to mix up her outfits with high-end and designer pieces (note her Acne Studios leather jacket and the Chanel shoulder bag in the photos following!)

Fashion writer Jaki Woods chats with Zogopoulos about Nineteen Ninety, her style and all of her fashion favourites.

Tell us about your brand new blog Nineteen Ninety! What do you feature on the blog?
Zogopoulos: I just launched Nineteen Ninety this month; it’s been really exciting! My blog will feature my favourite outfits of the week… it’s a great creative outlet for me and a way I can express my style.

How would you like to see your blog evolve over the next year or so?
I try to create some kind of statement with what I wear everyday – whether it be a leather jacket, designer shoes or vintage tee and these styles will be worked in to the blog, so I would love it to become a platform for people to be inspired with how they dress.

How would you describe your personal style? 
Tomboy meets girly.

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Who are your favourite designers?
Alexander Wang, Kenzo and the designers I work with everyday!

You work as Australian Fashion Label’s PR Manager. How does this role influence Nineteen Ninety?
It’s definitely handy that I have access to so many amazing pieces! It’s great that I can support the brands that I work with and love.

Where do you shop in Adelaide/interstate/overseas?
BNKR, Topshop and Green With Envy.


Name the top three things you can’t live without! 
My iPhone, Chanel bag and Greek food, of course!

In my handbag you’ll find… MAC lipstick, bronzer, Miu Miu sunnies and my Acne purse

I’m currently listening to…The Kite String Tangle

If I could travel anywhere… I would go back to New York or visit the Maldives for the first time!

My favourite blog is… Shine By Three by Margaret Zhang

My guilty pleasure is… Ice cream and more ice cream!

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