At just 17, Adelaide designer and blogger Poppy Radbone already has amassed a following of more than 5,000 followers on Instagram.

Recently launching her latest collection of sweet cropped tops in neutral shades for Summer 2016 via a low-key launch at her family home, it’s clear Radbone is her label’s best asset.

Lauren Zwaans chats with the young designer about being a brand ambassador and balancing her dual passions for blogging and design.

TUS: Tell us about the new collection. You’ve gone with a colour palette of neutrals. What was the thinking behind this?
Radbone: I’ve been inspired by many high end fashion collections in the past six months [and] many of these designers are including the black, white, grey and a nude. I love wearing black and white – they’re safe shades to produce and easy to wear. The nude makes the collection more elegant.

And you’re obviously keen on the crop for the season ahead! Why do you love this look so much and what do you suggest pairing these pieces with?
The crop tops are not ‘just a crop top’; each is different in its own way. I think you can pair a crop top with anything you like! It can be worn with a pencil skirt to dress it up, or some high-waisted flared pants to make it more fun, anything really!

I was really focused on making wearable, classy clothes. I was also keen to do it all in Adelaide. These are all made to order pieces, so I hope that the girls buying them feel like they are buying something special.

You’re such a great ambassador for your own brand! Do you design with yourself in mind?
I’m flattered to think that people would see me as an ambassador. I’m just doing what I have always loved doing and I’m truly passionate about it, I honestly believe that if you enjoy doing something then it’s not hard to do it.

You have a fantastic following for your blog as well. Is your first love design or blogging and how do you balance the two?
My blog is definitely my top priority, whether it’s blogging or my own label. I like to make sure it’s always updated and always looking sophisticated. Blogging is something I love doing: being able to wear other labels, introduce new labels, take photos and instagram. I’m so excited about my fashion everyday, moving forward and making new things happen.

Tell us your workout secrets! What do you do to stay in shape?
Eat hot chips! (Laughs.) No, when it comes to ‘staying in shape’ for me, eating healthily and exercising is the best way for me to keep my body and myself motivated.

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