Natura 12

Australian artist Vivien Haley has released her ‘Natura’ collection of digitally printed scarves. Demeter Scanlon chats with Haley about digital printing and her design process.

The ‘Natura’ collection aims to capture the beauty, colour and complexity of the natural world, encapsulating the elegance and refinement of original hand printed silk.

Haley says nature brings beauty into people’s lives and hopes that in a world where the natural environment is being challenged and more people are living in cities, her scarves will act as a reminder of this natural world.

“My first point of inspiration for a design is probably in the detail of a found natural object: the marks, shapes and patterns in a rock, shell or leaf,” Haley says.

“Digital printing allows me to scan my artwork from a number of mediums (textiles, painting and paper) and then combine that imagery for use in my scarf collections.

“It can recreate the textures, subtle colours and complexity of my work.”

To create her lookbook, Haley collaborated with photographer Rachel Dray and stylist Tanya Levak and explored the different ways in which her ’Natura’ scarves can be worn.

“The scarves are curled to capture the look and feel of a larger scarf and to show their volume and the movement of the silk when around the neck,” she says.

“The kerchiefs were styled to show how the design would look and sits on the neck when worn.

“The authenticity in the drawing, textures and colours of the designs are integral to the overall collection.”

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